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The Believe It Foundation sends kids and teens with disabilities to summer camp.

It’s a chance for them to do things they never thought they could at a place where their disabilities don’t exist.

Roger Copland has been coming to T Bar M Camps since he was 9-years-old thanks to the Believe It Foundation.

He’s now a vivacious 18-year-old.

“I guess I’m just a natural born leader,” he said.

Coming from the king of the camp– literally! He’s photographed in a crown he wore for a skit in front of his peers.

At camp, Roger is just like everyone else.

His cabin mates never leave him out, even when the dance calls for you to be on your feet.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.25.56 PMSince he’s attended, camp counselors have turned the impossible to possible. He even rode a four-wheeler. Camp counselors attached his power chair to the four-wheeler.

“It was kind of scary and I was saying I don’t’ know if it’s going to work but the camp coaches would never give up,” said Copland about the experience.

Think he can’t help maintain the campgrounds?

Think again. Camp counselors put a leaf blower on his wheelchair.

The founder of the Believe It Foundation, Andrew McAllister, 30, grew up going to camp. He said if it hadn’t have been for those camp experiences he wouldn’t have had the confidence and the courage to create the organization when he was 22.

“You see the success stories like roger and his family and how I’ve gotten to know them and how they’ve grown and seen where this foundation has gotten where it is today and it’s amazing,” said McAllister.

Thanks to years of camp, Roger has found a way to work around his disability.

“As a little kid I knew I could never play tackle football,” he said.

Believe it, true to its name, the Believe It Foundation has given Roger the courage to follow his dreams.

Come fall, he’ll be a freshman at San Angelo State University where he’ll be working alongside their football team.

“Me and my dad are best friends,” he said.

It costs about $1,000 to send a child to summer camp for one week.

This summer the Believe It Foundation is sending 18 kids.