The Believe It Foundation, a nonprofit organization that aims to include children with physical challenges in the lives and experiences of their typical peers, on Friday announced Believe It Bikes, a citywide adaptive bike program for children with physical disabilities.

“Through the Believe It Foundation’s strategic partnerships with the YMCA of Greater San Antonio and San Antonio Bcycle, we are excited to introduce Believe It Bikes and demonstrate to our city how we can go beyond accessible to inclusive with a simple activity like bike riding,” said Andrew McAllister, founder of the Believe It Foundation, who has cerebral palsy and has been in a wheelchair his whole life.

“I understand children with disabilities often miss out on social and physical activities that many take for granted, like riding a bike. Not only is riding a bike a fun activity for children of all ages, it offers significant health benefits for children with physical challenges. Having access to an adaptive bike allows these children and their families to socialize and participate in recreational activities with friends and other families.”

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