What is the Big Give S.A.?

The Big Give a 24-hour day of giving that brings donors and nonprofits together by creating a shared region-wide experience and connecting people to the causes that matter to them the most.

Why should I get involved?

Besides being a great way to give back to the charitable organizations that do so much for our communities, the Big Give S.A. adds a fun competitive element to giving. In addition to helping the nonprofits prepare to capitalize on the Big Give S.A., we also provide additional prize money to nonprofits that reach specific goals, milestones such as bringing in new donors and money. Not only does your money support the agency you care about but it also help them potentially Win even more! Last year, in addition to the funds raised by nonprofits, the Big Give S.A. distributed roughly $400,000 in prize money thanks to our generous sponsors! CLICK HERE TO DONATE