With our mission of inclusion of physically-challenged children in mind, Believe It Foundation has developed a city-wide adaptive bike program that allows ALL children an opportunity to ride a bike. We understand that children with disabilities often miss out on social and physical activities that many take for granted–like riding a bicycle. We want ALL children to have the opportunity to experience the joy of a bike ride with friends and family!

There are two different adaptive bikes available through Believe It Bikes in San Antonio. There is a $15 membership fee that will give you unlimited access to both bikes in the Believe It Bikes program for 6-months.

Please sign up for your membership at least 48 hours before you intend to ride a bike. Once you have joined the program, proceed to the next step to reserve a bike.

The Duet

Through Believe It Bikes’ partnership with San Antonio Bcycle, The Duet Bikes are available near the San Antonio Zoo and Roosevelt Park Bcycle stations.

Reservations will be available beginning October 23, 2017.

Freedom Concepts’ DCP 12

An adaptive tricycle for children and young adults–is available for rent at two Bike World locations. (Bike World Alamo Heights and Bike World SE Military Dr.)”

DCP 12’s and other adaptive bikes will also be available to ride free of charge during scheduled bike workshops in partnership with Kinetic Kids.”